Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bloody Massacre released

A new Click game Bloody Massacre was finished by practically unknown developer, Masaware. Suprisingly, this is a very good release and is worth checking out.

The sickest and the goriest click game ever. This game is all about killing. Yeah. Brutal killing. It's all about small pixelised guys shooting each other until your screen gets flooded with red pixels of blood.

Bloody Massacre is also a game about high scores. There are civilians, soldiers, exploding barrels and extra weapons in the playfield. Your mission is to kill as many soldiers as possible to raise your score. The game ends when you lose all of your lives. If you are good enough, you'll get your score featured on the online high score list!

It's chaotic, addictive and challenging.
It's entertaining and suitable for both quick or long gaming sessions
It's the game you need.

(From the Masaware website)

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