Friday, June 08, 2007

Bang! Howdy

Bang! Howdy was released recently and I can't stop playing it. Bang! Howdy is a tactical strategy game in the wild west. There are lots of different units, scenarios, new items to buy, challenging single player campaigns and great online battles. Expect a full length review soon.


Monday, June 04, 2007


"Chalk is all about drawing your way to all the glory!

Draw lines across shapes to destroy them, turn back bullets at enemies and thwart huge boss enemies by bouncing stuff back in their faces!

It's an arcade-game sized outing with the simple approach of a chalkboard. Because, you know, chalkboards are simpler than pen and paper...? Download it for some different arcade fun!"

Chalk is indeed quite an original game. No, it doesn't make any sense at all, but its so much fun. I haven't gotten too far in the game yet(due to lack of skill) however, Chalk has certainly grabbed my attention. Try it out, its one of most innovative freeware games released in awhile.


New contributer

We have a new contributer, everyone welcome Keron Cyst.

Misc things

Freeware Games Source needs contributers! If anyone is interested, email me. Also, any game developers that wish to get their game previewed at FWGS should drop me a line.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pogo Sticker

From the authors of Stair/Truck dismount comes a great new 'platformer' with some of the freshest gameplay I've seen in freeware in quite some time. The object of the game is to bounce your character from one end of the level to the finishing line. Sounds easy, but your character can't stop bouncing or hit his head on anything. Playing the first level will have you sucked in until you beat the game. Everything in this game is great, the physics, graphics, gameplay and music, its all here.


Allegro games released

A few decent games using the Allegro libraries were released recently, the best one being Membrane Massacre(screenshot below)

Membrane Massacre is a strange arcade game where the player must take control of a spaceship and gun down hordes of bacteria. There are plenty of levels, destructable terrain, weapons and upgrades for you to mess around with, the gameplay just gets a little tedious.

Brutalo Deluxe is a mundane clone of Soldat, just one level, 5 weapons and very tedious gameplay. It might kill a couple of minutes of boredom.

Peacefighter is a top down shooter made only in 72 hours. The game only features a couple shades of colors and is quite difficult. It has a built in level generator and quite a few weapons, its worth checking out.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New releases

A new version of Stair Dismount is out! Now includes Linux and OSX support.

Stair dismount is not your ordinary game, you can't 'beat' the game, nor is there a real purpose of it. The only object that is given is to push a 3D stick figure man down some stairs. Awesome!

Also, the long awaited new release of RetroSphere is out. Retrosphere is an action packed inspired by Trailblazer and Marble Madness. The objective is simple, guide your marble down to the end of the track with the time given. Overall it's a pretty decent game but there's nothing new about it.

Bloody Massacre released

A new Click game Bloody Massacre was finished by practically unknown developer, Masaware. Suprisingly, this is a very good release and is worth checking out.

The sickest and the goriest click game ever. This game is all about killing. Yeah. Brutal killing. It's all about small pixelised guys shooting each other until your screen gets flooded with red pixels of blood.

Bloody Massacre is also a game about high scores. There are civilians, soldiers, exploding barrels and extra weapons in the playfield. Your mission is to kill as many soldiers as possible to raise your score. The game ends when you lose all of your lives. If you are good enough, you'll get your score featured on the online high score list!

It's chaotic, addictive and challenging.
It's entertaining and suitable for both quick or long gaming sessions
It's the game you need.

(From the Masaware website)

Monday, October 10, 2005

Mudcraft cheats

Can't beat a certain Mudcraft level? Well, here are all the passwords for the levels if you're stuck!

Lvl : New Game
Lv2 : rain
Lv3 : thunder
Lv4 : resources
Lv5 : blazing
Lv6 : survival
Lv7 : construction changed to fire
Lv8 : mothernature changed to ecosystem
Lv9 : turtle
Lv10: harmony
Lv11: revive
Lv12: castle
End : infinity


Mudcraft is probably one of the weirdest RTS games you'll ever see, and probably one of the best. Not quite a parody of Starcraft, it's an entirely different game all together and has no ties with Starcraft. Mudcraft is fairly easy and comprehensive. In Mudcraft, there is a main 'base', which is a puddle of mud which creates more mud people. The only two resources required to build more mud people is dirt and water which can be found at dirt holes and ponds placed around the map. In each level, a certain task is given to move onto the next, usually involving constructing something early in on the game and as you move on through the game, more complex tasks will be given. Anyways, you get the point.

Quite a great game, one of the best freeware games I've played in awhile. It's even available online as a shockwave game!