Thursday, March 24, 2005

Interview-Author of Divided

This is an interview with the author of Divided, a very original adventure game.

>When did you start programming and why?

I started programming at quite a young age (I'm 16 at the moment, I must've been something around 8 back then), using a child-version of Logo, called Superlogo. Back then I began because I always enjoyed making my own levels for games - yet I always felt the game's editors were either unhandy or very restricted - so at one point I decided I wanted to learn a programming language, and my dad turned up with floppy disk reading 'Superlogo'. Just for the record, in case you meant when I started programming with C++, I started C++ about a year ago, when I found Superlogo being too restricted once you wanted to do more advanced things.

>What gave you the idea to make Divided?

I once had an idea for a very large adventure called "Wonderful Mind" - which in the end proved rather impossible to make due to it being very large and my inexperience with C++ programming. So I went looking for a smaller project, still set in the Wonderful Mind universe. At one point I got this picture in my head of a cave with a stairs and 2 'cottages' - soon after that I thought of the ending of Divided; after that I worked my way back, using details of Wonderful Mind, most adapted, and a lot of new things. However, the book you read at the start of Divided contains the background plot of Wonderful Mind.

>Do you think you're going to make a sequel? Any other games you are
in the process of making? Perhaps another game in the world of Divided, but I doubt a direct
sequel. Right now I'm not really working on a 'real' game alike Divided as I'm working on other work; 3d images amongst other things. However, I've got a holiday coming up, so I might make another game: perhaps an adventure, though I'd like to experiment with other genres as well.

>Will it also be freeware?
That greatly depends, really. Since I'm still a student I can spend quite a lot of time on things without having to make a living, but I'm not going to make very large games for free either. Like I said, it depends on what I want to do, what will comes on my way, how much time I have - etc.


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