Monday, October 10, 2005

Mudcraft cheats

Can't beat a certain Mudcraft level? Well, here are all the passwords for the levels if you're stuck!

Lvl : New Game
Lv2 : rain
Lv3 : thunder
Lv4 : resources
Lv5 : blazing
Lv6 : survival
Lv7 : construction changed to fire
Lv8 : mothernature changed to ecosystem
Lv9 : turtle
Lv10: harmony
Lv11: revive
Lv12: castle
End : infinity


Anonymous said...

great thanx i needed them

Anonymous said...

excellent, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I hate you. This game is SICK!!! Stop IT!!!

Anonymous said...

How do you enter in the cheats?

Anonymous said...

how do you enter the codes?

Gaiaonline/ Nico_Ryan said...

its awesome, i really needed that, thx

Anonymous said...


can anyone tell me which is the best counter strike guide ? :)...i found this one :

What do you hither take it ?

Thanx in advance

Sorry for my bad english :s

Quin said...

Can you tell me how to enter cheats at

Anonymous said...

You enter the cheats in the main menu after clicking 'continue'.
But they're not right anymore...
(For the game at